I was looking to buy something in bulk to help jumpstart my new business. I had been looking at JD Closeouts on the web for a month and called a few times asking questions. This is the exact ad on the website I copy and paste it. nDepartment Store Furniture Store Returns and Floor Models: Full 40 ft. container of sofas, dinettes, bedroom sets, tables, entertainment centers, love seats, couches and much more. Only $1,995 for the entire load. 4 containers available. F.O.B. FL. This is the Deal of the Year!!! n($1000 to ship to my address) nThis ad sounds like you will make a profit, well the owner Joe Beyhan sold and sent me a truckload of salvation army furniture. That is no deal of the year and I asked him where did he get the furniture he said from different department stores scratch and dent furniture. I said ok I can deal with that (still thinking this furniture is floor models from different stores. nWell when I get the furniture, I was very irritated that the owner of this company sold me salvation army furniture. I had the money for the more expensive furniture I thought I was getting a deal and was going to spend my money wisely and I had planned on dealing with Joe to start my business and I already had my other friends wanting to go in business with me. nJoe the owner his attitude when I called to complain about the shipment was very uncaring, nonchalant, he said i told you it was scratch and dent i said yeah you didnt tell me it was used and from the salvation army. So I really didn’t say too much I felt used, and stupid, I mean I took my time to pick through what my customers wanted asked questions and still got ripped off. Please help anyone. nLaneshanst george, South CarolinaU.S.A.

6741 W. Sunrise Blvd. #30 Plantation, Florida U.S.A.


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