I ordered a ClearVue Super Booster Indoor Mini-Dish TV/FM Antenna for $12.95 plus S&H. I replied with an ad in my weekly newspaper. I thaught it was reasonable and a good deal. I sent a check for $16.90 on May 31st, 2002. I just recieved my cleared check with my monthly bank statement on July 16th. The check was deposited on June 17th. nI have not recieved my order. It was suppose to take 3-5 or 6 weeks. Still no antenna. I waited a couple days then decided to get on the internet and sent them a e-mail about my order. I was not aware of all the ripoffs made by this company!! Why has nothing been done??? nThere are many, many people who are being ripped of and some who don’t know what they are getting into when they send in their order. Lets get this problem done. I want my money back as well as the others. nJessicanNorfolk, Missouri

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