Complaint: We were sold a white Lumina van in Kent in 05/08/00. There was a burnt fuse in the middle passenger area. I asked the salesman about it and if it was part of the van. He said no, that the packet belonged to another salesman who had driven the van. The VIN # is 1GNDU06D0RT137331 . The van broke down about 5 times in the first 3 months we had it. I can prove this with reciepts from Firetsone and other garages. Do not buy this van. It also broke down on our honeymoon just prior to Thanksgiving of 2000. We were left stranded in the snow in Virginia and nearly froze our butts off. They lied about the vehicles electrical system problems. My wife can verify the fuse bag that I asked the salesman about. They endangered our lives on the road by selling us this lemon. They only care about money. Do not buy a car from any JDByrider because they misrepresent the road readiness of their vehicles. We financed through CNAC and after doing a voluntary repo to get the van off our hands, they wouldn’t credit what they in turn sold it for against our account. IN AFFECT, THEY CAN SELL VEHICLES REPEATEDLY BY SIMPLY WAITING TO GET THE LEMON BACK OR REPO-ING THE VEHICLE FROM SOMEONE WHO COULDN”T AFORD REPAIRS PLUS THE PAYMENT. THEORETICALLY

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Address: THEY CAN DO THIS OVER & OVER & OVER. CNAC Refuses to credit the worth of our van at the time of turn in and would not refund our downpayment or repair & towing bills which were substantial. The alternator is what kept crapping out and drained more than one battery in the process. JD Byrider & CNAC act in tandum to perpetrate fraud against the middle and lower income class of this great nation. It’s time that someone stood up to them and demanded a response

Website: OhioU.S.A.”

Phone: some serious sompensation for mental grief and ruining our credit rating