Complaint: This person took my money, which was over $1500, sold me a pup. She never let me see where she kenneled the pups, was evasive about all things, delivered pup in strip mall. Said was guaranteed, vaccinated, gave vets name. The Vet had no records of her, no vaccinations had been done. The pup was not raised around people and left multiple bite marks on both my arms. Though I tried training the puppy, spent a lot of money on it, I had to return him because the dog was unmanageable and I was no able to handle it. I called Jeanette and she said I would have to return the pup and wait until she found a new owner, then she would pay me a reduced refund. Months passed, and she didn’t respond to inquiries. A year later I received notice that my dog had s new owner in another part of the country. The dog had been embedded with my information. This woman is a danger to the breeding community, a liar, and seems to have an all around bad reputation. If you want to adopt a puppy, steer clear of this fraudulent person and business. If you have one of her pups, I know they are beautiful, but they have not been well cared for. Problems in lineage down the road will haunt you after investing so much love and money into one of Jeanette Chaix’s pups.

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: 105 Center St, Jackson, California USA