I also have been ripped off by Jeansation. After spending weeks back and forth via e-mail and phone with Steve Lasso, I finally placed an order for 115 pairs of high end designer jeans including Seven for all Mankind, Antik, True Religion, Rock & Republic, Joe’s and Juicy. Lasso claimed to be the premier wholesale dealer in the U.S. and that all his jeans were authentic, came with papers, and offered a money back guarantee. nAfter my order was placed and Amex number given, he called me to say that he was having difficulty with Amex and wanted me to send a wire. I did not want to send a wire because of the lack of protection as a buyer. He told me that Amex wouldn’t allow him to accept my number and that he had to physically swipe the card. I called Amex and set up a pre-approval for ARC Capital for the invoiced amount. He still claimed to have problems with them. nI then offered to pay through Paypal, but he claimed to have had a lawsuit with them over a “phished”” account and couldn’t ever use Paypal again. nWe then agreed to sending half of the money (over $3

000) and he would send the entire order

then upon receipt

I would pay the balance. He said “”this way we are both assuming some of the risk.”” Needless to say

I sent the wire. nIt’s now been a month and no jeans from him arrived. I did receive a few pairs of counterfeit True Religions from Andrew Goldrich at Sense Holdings