Offered 20% off promotion on Mondays only, but website was malfunctioning and not recognizing my password that I never changed and was stored in the machine. I attempted 4 different times over 6 hours to reset the password, but never received the link. Frustrated, I sent an e-mail to customer service explaining my issue prior to the end of the promotion. I had received stellar service in the past, and when I didn’t receive a reply by mid-afternoon, I wrote again and received a response that they claim they never received my first e-mail. After explaining the situation again, I was offered a negligible coupon under the code “IFORGOT””

which was an insult because I went out of my way to make sure I could place the order in time. When I further very politely explained my frustration

I was told “”I am very sorry but the 20% off is only good on Mondays. Bosses orders.””. There was no empathy or attempt to resolve this in a reasonable and customary manner that any company with a positive reputation would respond. The discount would have amounted to a mere $20

but it was the attitude of the rep that really burned my impression. Upon surfing the web and writing additional reviews

reading and filing BBB complaints