**HOMEBUYERS BEWARE!!!** Jeff W. Jernigan was hired by us through Broome Builders of The Carolinas. Broome Builders was partnered by Jeff W. Jernigan AND David Ralph Broome. David Broome has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients and is allegedly out of business according to BBB and has disappeared. Check the BBB for confirmation. Jeff Jernigan is an unlicensed general contractor who continues to work under the license issued to Broome Builders. See permit #201704288 issued to Broome Builders for 582 Deanne Drive Rock Hill, SC. on 11/2/2017. We have recently filed a complaint to the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. During and after our construction, we had (2) two mechanics liens filed against us for failure to pay building material and services after our mortgage company released the funds to both David Broome and Jeff Jernigan. One mechanic’s lien was for $12,791.48 owed to Carter Jones Lumber and the second was for $4,641.60 owed to Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning for a total of $17,433.08! We recently had a neighbor who Jernigan built a home for, knock on our door to inquire about the similar liens filed against them for non payment! Additionally, other neighbors who he has built homes for also complained to me about their horrible experiences and Jernigan never coming back to finish work, after being paid! Apparently, Jernigan does not pay bills. Jernigan never takes any responsibility for his shortcomings and attempts to blame them on Broome. Our mortgage company issued (4) four direct payments to Jeff Jernigan doing business as JCH Property Investments, LLC DBA Broome Builders of the Carolinas. Jernigan is a conniving liar who never met any deadlines during our build. He left me and my family abandoned when we confirmed with him that our personal property was going to be moved into our new garage of our home for safekeeping until our home was completed. He confirmed the day before we arrived that our garage was “swept and clean and had the doors installedu201d in order for us to secure our property. We drove (2) two large U-Haul trucks from New York to S.C. only to find that our garage had no doors installed and was packed with construction material spewed about. He intentionally lied and caused us great stress to locate a storage unit to store our property. This incident cost us several hundreds of dollars and a lot of sweat and blood unloading our property and having to store it for months only to reload it and transport it home months later. In fact

he cost us upwards of $6

000.00 in hotel and food bills since our home was not completed when promised and we were forced to live in a hotel after relocating from New York state. Every week it was a new excuse. He hired mostly unskilled

cheap labor (some of which I suspect were undocumented workers) who butchered our home. He charged us $6

275.00 to have our lawn Hydroseeded with the “”promiseu201d of the grass guaranteed to come up and that he would come back “”as many times as needed to hydroseedu201d until we were satisfied. I was present during this installation and Jernigan’s subcontractor did a poor job leaving numerous areas bare. They never came back to hydroseed. It was a one time application. We commandeered a move into our home in August of 2017 even though it was not completed only to have workers there for an additional two weeks. The list of deficiencies is too long to list. I offer a few as an example only. He refuses to respond to numerous requests to complete our long punch list and recently gave us a date which has come and gone without anything being done. He goes weeks