Complaint: In August, 2010 we were told of a home food delivery service call Milk2You by some friends of ours. After listening to a 3 hour sales pitch, in-home, we signed a contract. However, this contract was entered into under false pretenses due to the high pressure and misleading sales tactics of those agents representing Home Pride Foods/Milk2You. The initial sales pitch promised a noticeable savings in both grocery costs and time involved with shopping, even misleading customers by showing an u201cactualu201d savings worksheet and repeatedly discussing a u201c20% discountu201d in food costs, while neglecting the costs of perishable food items such as produce. Additionally, a further u201cdiscountu201d was offered for signing for extended purchase agreement and warranty for a u201ccommercial gradeu201d freezer at no net increase in cost due to a food discount of equal value being given. However, this in itself is misleading as food purchase reorders are not required and accepting the contract for the freezer commits a customer to a 3 year contract. Multiple attempts to cancel have lead to the customer service manager insisting I speak to either the original salesperson or another manager to “explore alternatives”” to keep me signed up for their “”services””and he has completely dodged any method for cancellation

Tags: Restaurant Delivery Services

Address: even stating that Jefferson Financial controls the freezer warranty.”


Phone: Nationwide United States of America