Jeffery Clark Walker is an attorney with Brock and Stout, here in Alabama, Georga, and Florida. His representation of my wife and I was a total and compleat failure. He cost us around $24,000.00 in cash, time and property. But for his actions, or the lack thereof. Due to his negligence, and incompentence, cost my wife her employment of 15+ years, retirment, health coverage, now for the past two years, she has needed cancer surgery on a tumer located in her neck. He keep trying to get us to break a Federal Court Order. He broke around Rules of Professional Conduct. We have tried to sue him for Malpratice but, comes to find out, lawyers, judges, and D.A. are imuned from law suits. We have been told one can sue an attorney for malpratice but, we have learned that they protect each other in the most harden defences know to man, this is with lies, streach the laws to fit what they need. We were told in that we must prove what we are saying, we said; we can because, all conversations have been recorded, and yet no one wants to hear them. We went to court 05/08/2014, Enterprise, Alabama, with judge kelly, the judge allowed the defence attorney far reaching laditude, while allowing us the (Plaintiffs) NONE.

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