On June 25, 2013, my wife and I sent 21 Enterprises LLC/Jeffrey Chase a check in the amount of $7,480.00 for a vacation rental which they represented themselves as managing. The check was deposited into 21 Enterprises LLC’s account at US Bank on June 27, 2013. This money was never used to pay for the rental. 21 Enterprises LLC said they managed the property, when in reality, another company was managing the property. We found this out a couple of days before we were supposed to arrive at the home for our vacation. The owner of the company, Jeffrey Chase, asked for a credit card ‘to have on file’ he said, which we assumed was an additional security deposit measure. He then used our card to create a fraudulent Paypal account and pay the actual management company with my credit card, instead of using the original check we had sent him. So he was basically having us pay for the house twice. 21 Enterprises LLC/Jeffrey Chase stole our money, and he owes me and my wife $7,480. They have failed to deliver this refund to us on several occasions. Jeffrey Chase first promised he would send us the refund on July 21, 2013, and then again on August 15, 2013. The refund was never sent – instead, he sent us a letter on August 19, 2013 saying that we would get our refund in the next correspondence. Every correspondence since then continues to promise payment and nothing is ever sent. We have left several messages at Jeffrey Chase’ number (702) 273-6830 and 21 Enterprises LLC’s number,(702) 361-0093, and sent several emails and mailed a Final Demand letter trying to solve this dispute and get our money back to no avail. UPDATE: Chase finally sent us $500 last week to be able to say he is ‘working out the situation with us’ to all the third parties we are involving, but in reality, he is not. He still owes us $6,980 and still hasn’t even given us an explanation as to what happened to our money when we spoke to him today on the phone – the first time he called us in four months. All he told us on the phone was that he was (all of a sudden) ready to pay us, as long as we got all the third parties involved off his back. I explained to him that was impossible – we did not even involve a third party – the BBB – till 2 months had passed without us receiving our money and he ONLY called us and sent us money BECAUSE third parties are involved.

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702 273 6830