Complaint: Jeffrey Has had many cases , Civil and criminal against him , and all have been delt with and plea bargins and admissions of guilt . But I have not seen any of the bank institutions Jeffrey used in all if not most of all his scams and crimes File any charges on him . The Bank of America was cheated out of Lots of money (cash , credit ) and the abuse of checking accounts all over the state of florida and still they have filed no charges on jeffrey The same goes for Chase , PNC banks and the very many smaller localized Bank institutions in and around the state and other states , Like Wells Fargo that up until recently was only avail. in other states other than Florida. The Banks have received Bailouts from the hard working taxpayers , But Have not gone after the likes of Jeffrey Hirschkorn who scam and cheated for Millions and Millions of dollars from these very banks ,thru Bad bank wires , Bank Fraud , Identity Theft , credit card Fraud and every other crime as well involveing banks , And They would have him in jail already Only because of us victims , If they act Now they wouldnt have to trac the likes of him down when he gets out . The Banks should make Jeffrey an example along with the other banking criminals they have , so this type of individual and corporate greed and corruption scams and cheats know there are real penalties that go along with all the crimes they commit. Jeffrey will no dout go back to his old ways when he gets out , He does not plan to get it right as per the word from a close source around jeffrey. The Banking system and the government needs to crack down and get it right . CRIME SHOULD NOT PAY the crooks! CRIME ( crooks )SHOULD PAY US BACK !! I will send to all Banks involved , the fed res, and all of the financial world some info and the proof of jeffreys past criminal history to show they have been too leanient to such crimes …. The tax payer should not pay. The criminals should pay dearly .and that means Jeffrey………

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