Complaint: I purchased a puppy (mini australian shepherd) from Jems Aussies earlier in Nov 2012. Although the dog was not exactly as Sara DeVault described, the pup was fine and was the one pictured we agreed to. We took fabulous care of the pup, updating Sara with pictures and written updates via email for the week we had her in our possession.I had a kidney transplant earlier in the year and had sudden unexpected complications and physically limiting issues and in writing Sara agreed to take the pup back when I notified her of my health issues. We wanted what was best for the pup and being an active dog I could not provide it the lifestyle the breed needs. It was heartbreaking but we sent the pup back with all requested and original documents along with health certificate allowing the dog to fly back to Oklahoma.It seems to me that Sara had Pre meditated what she did next. The moment she picked the pup up at the airport she sent me text messages that the puppy lost weight and had some tears in her eyes. She did a complete 180. The dog weighted 4 lbs more upon me dropping the pup off at the airport than it did when the pup first arrived to me a week earlier and I have airway bills to prove this. The tears were most likely from a stressful flight. She then accused me of not feeding and mistreating the dog! I was shocked that she would make these ridiculous accusations! After multiple emails she said she would not refund my money minus the flight which is what was agreed upon and I have that in writing.Sara started threatening me saying she would get her lawyer involved and that I violated a contract that I never agreed to or signed. In fact there was something on her website which rubbed me the wrong way talking about breaking contract and lawyers etc. because of that I declined which I have proof of and she still sold me the dog and never offered me a contract. She not only harassed and caused me massive stress but she stole from me and has not given a full refund of the price of the dog purchase.My bank will be handling the refund and take it from her. I will be going early next week to the court house to file a peace offering where a judge will not allow her to contact me as she will not stop threatening and harassing me. Beware and do not give her your business. I have proof of all of this and if I can even help one person from experiencing what I did with this dishonest, horrible breeder I will be relieved.

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Address: 3904 pleasant view drive El Rino, Oklahoma United States of America