Jenna Wilson was a CNA who had graduated from (removed) nursing school. She met my soon-to-be ex-husband, Dan Myers, a Registered Nurse, while he was working at (removed) Hospital. I was four months pregnant with our first child when they commenced an affair. They had inappropriate relations in the work place. When she went to take her nurse boards in Louisville, she invited him to her hotel room where they also had sexual relations on March 2, 2015. They had sex again in a car on March 4, 2015, just days before he accompanied me to the ultrasound that told us the gender of our baby. || She knew I was pregnant and referred to me as her”competition” throughout their sexual exploits. While she was charged with caring for sick and elderly people who were hospitalized, she and my husband spent their work time having inappropriate relations. He is 100% at fault too. Jenna Wilson was married with two children of her own when she decided to pursue my husband. She lived with her spouse in Bee Springs, Kentucky when she commenced the affair with my husband. She is now residing in Bowling Green, Kentucky.