I rented an apartment in Jaco, Costa Rica, for several months. I had to put down a deposit, which was to be returned to me on my departure. Although I left the apartment in pristine condition, the realtors to whom the deposit was given (Jennifer Angulo and Sergio Gonzalez) refused to return my deposit. First they said it was in the U.S. and had to wait for it to be returned to Costa Rica. Then they said it had been wired from the U.S. but for some reason didn’t post to their account. Then they said they couldn’t find it. Then they said they couldn’t access it. At that point, after three weeks had passed, I accused them of lying to me. Now they say they won’t return the money because I called them liars. It is clear now that their intention all along was to stall until I returned to the U.S. and then keep the money.

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