My husband and I separated house holds for a week n a half do to some mental issues he needed to work out. We stayed in our marriage though. I had the kids n he came n spent the Easter weekend with our kids n i. But when he went home the next day my best friend at the time contacted him. They ended up having phone sex!!! Then the next day she can over to see him cuz he called sick from work. They had unprotected oral sex n protected viganal sex not just once but twice the same day. I came back n she did the whole sad thing to him. Like she should be his only on. They decided to keep it from me. We moved to OR shortly after n she kept saying i dont want u guys to leave. I was thinking she was just not wanting me to move so far. Well about a month after living to OR ( where i have no friends or family). I looked through my husbands phone… || because we always had a agreement that we had nothing to hide so we both had free range of each others phone. N there it was in my husband facebook messager. He had deleted most of the messages. But the day i can back she had messaged him i should have never came n hung out n we should of never did it. I was straight up with my husband askin him n he can all out about it. Then to find out that she had told my 13yr old sister in detail how she had sex with my husband. N when i confronted her about it n told her i wouldnt forgive her she had the nerve to say she was goin to ruin my rep. So here i am postin all of this. Plz keep this bitch away from ur husband n kids away from her because i have been told this isn’t the first time she has dome this.