This immoral whore was sleeping with my husband and got pregnant by him 5 years ago. They worked together at a Supermarket. She still works there too. He told me when she was a few months along and he swore to me it was a one time thing. Being the Christian that I am I prayed and cried long and hard about it. I came to peace with it and forgave him. I decided to meet her in person and even let her know we would be there for her to help in any way. I really believed them when they told me it was a one time thing but I was being naive. Fact is they have been sleeping together still 5 years later and now this disgusting human being is now pregnant again for the 2nd time with my husband’s child. And she couldn’t wait to tell me about it. He admitted that he has still slept with her but still says it’s only sex and he does not care about her or wants to be with her in a relationship. || We’ve been together well over 10 years and have children together. This has really broken my heart and my home. I feel sick on a daily basis knowing all that has happened. I just don’t know why a woman would want a married man with children so badly to stoop this low. I had even heard her family has even disowned her for her immoral behavior.