This is Jennifer Lee Moore who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is about 30 years and has no problem engaging with a married man, then when she does not get her way she attacks the wife with a 4 page hate letter. She then files a protective order, lies in her statement to the court and brings three friends to the hearing as well. In open court she had to admit she cheated had an affair with a married man. The judge scolded for about 5 minutes telling her that the letter she wrote in such great detail was manipulative. Please watch out for this one. She may have a history of filing protective orders for unsupported reasons. She also stalked the man she was having an affair with when he attempted to walk away from the relationship. In response, she has driven by the home, blocked the her lover in his parking space and even following to him to his home so she could beg for 5 minutes of his time. She does this acts with various friends and after she contacts the police claiming fear. Once it was clear she was not getting anywhere in the relationship, she sent the wife a 4 page hate letter, dragged her child into the situation and addressed the wife as disgusting. Stay far away from this one. She has issues.