This woman Jennifer Miller, worked with my husband at a mine in NV. He would see her on occasions in the guard shack on his way into work. She took his phone number off the caller ID on the office phone, no he did not give it to her or even entertain the idea at this point (according to him). Yes she absolutely knew he was MARRIED and had a son before she even looked on that caller ID. It started out as just friendly conversation, it moved from friendly to sexting in less than 7 days, then to sex in the back seat of her Jeep in less than 10 days. Yes my husband fell very far very fast. The affair lasted for about 45 days (2 months away from our 10 year anniversary) before I discovered several messages my husband thought he deleted. The day he was busted he immediately stopped any further contact with her at all on his end. That day they had been texting all day back and forth, so I was reading them in real time, they had made plans for him to go to her house after work. I then texted her from his number to let her know they had been busted by “The Wife” and pointed out the fact that she knew he was married!!! Her response “Fair enough, you don’t have to worry about me ever talking to him again”!!! Um ok because, yep you talking to him was the problem. Not long after that statement she followed him to the gas station on his way into work to ask him what he was going to do, he told her he wanted nothing to do with her and was going home to his family. Don’t get me wrong about blasting her on here, my husband is a giant ASS and is just as much to blame, but an adult woman that will do this to another woman and her family is disgusting and has no morals, she did not care that he was married and had a family back home (we live in a different state, he traveled for work), a person like her does not feel remorse for the damage she has caused to my family.