Complaint: On Thursday u200b March 26 2015 at approximately 10 pm we viewed a “newly listed”” property on As we are Missionaries who lost everything we owned in Hurricane Rita and Katrina we have been anxious to settle in to a home of our own after Volunteers for many years helping rebuild and u201credevelopu201d Hurricane ravaged areas in southern Louisiana and Mississippi. We discovered the home we wanted more information was a foreclosure and left our contact information at the representing Broker/Agentu2019s office on the listing page. As we were quite excited we telephoned in the morning approximately 9:30 am and left a telephone message. Approximately an half hour later we received a telephone call from Miss Danielle from Aroostook Real Estate Office and she was extremely pleasant and courteous. She said this was not her listing and she would have the listing Agent telephone with more information. We had a very pleasant interchange and she was very professional and helpful. Approximate a half an hour after

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Address: we had already return to our Sign Language Classes we received a telephone call. (thinking it was a fellow Teacher) I answered Good morning “”Sister””. In our Mission Order we are “”Sisters”” and “”Brothers”” Wow! What came next was unbelievable. The Caller was highly agitated and in a high pitch voice demanded “”Who is this””? again “”Who is this””? I answered in a quieter voice…The caller almost screaming “”I can’t hear you””…who is this?””. I answered again. The caller (who we learned later was Real Estate Agent Jennifer Pitcairn) She screamed “”Sister who?”” What is this? What are you a “”Sister”” of? She was insulting and very sarcastic. I answered The Caller “”Where are you calling from””? This person was so rude and offensive in tone and project..I began to think it was an obscene telephone call and asked excuse who are you looking for? The caller enraged says “”Listen I do not know who you are but we are sick of getting these calls from “”YOU”” people””. She says “”I received this message and then I received an email forward to me from someone and there was two different numbers and I find at highly suspicious.”” I could not believe this tone and the accusations. I asked if I may who was calling. The person refused to identify herself and refused to give her name or information

Website: oh yeah and you are telephoning from a different telephone numbers…I saw there was 2 different telephone numbers (…this is so very strange of her to mention….we actually called through the telephone number listed on and yes it is a 1-855 telephone number they have listed and then it is forward to the listing Broker she must have known this) you are scamming and we are tired of getting calls from “”YOU”” people. Then she added

Phone: however from her statement I deduced she must have been the Listing Agent who was to call. (I was trying to remain with my decorum so as not to alarm the Students)….she was continually shouting and she began saying what we consider to be harassing