Complaint: Jess Cover of Sage Heart Yoga came in to my business on Thursday, September 29 on her way through town en route to the Maldives for a job at Duniye Spa. She purchased a package of 3 body wraps and 3 sauna sessions. She asked if she could pay for PART of the package instead of the whole amount on her first visit. I’ve never had anyone ask for this and I shouldn’t have agreed, but I did. Her next appointment was for Saturday morning, October 1. She did not show up. When I called her, she said she had mixed up her appointment time. As I knew she was leaving the country on Tuesday, October 4, I agreed to have her come in for her second wrap and sauna session later that day (Saturday). During the appointment, I noticed she had thrown the sweaty sauna towels on top of her Kate Spade purse in the corner, which I thought was odd. I also noticed a jar of my body wrap cream was missing. I did not say anything at the time, because I wanted to pull apart my drawers and make sure it had not fallen behind the bookcase before asking about it. Jessica Cover once again asked to pay for the balance of her package at her third and final appointment on Monday, October 3. I once again agreed and ignored this red flag. She sent an email at 8:30 AM Monday cancelling her 11:30 AM appointment. I spent the next 12 hours trying to collect payment from her. Finally, around 6 PM, she gave me a credit card number via text and it was declined. I relayed that info and she gave me a different expiration date to try. It was declined again. I tried again with her Sausalito zip code and that too was declined. I advised her of that and she insisted the card information was valid. Jess Cover left for the Maldives on Tuesday morning, October 3 without making good on the money she owed me. She felt that she should be given the package price even though she did not keep her third appointment. The price per wrap is more individually. The jade thermal massage she had on Thursday and Saturday are add on services that are included with the package, but $20 each individually. I contacted Square about the declined credit card and they advised me in writing “A payment was declined by Square 3 times because the billing ZIP code entered doesn’t match what’s on file with their card issuing bank. This means that your customer wasn’t actually charged

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Address: but declined cards may result in pending charges on your customer’s bank statement.”” Before she got on the plane

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