Are you a married man looking for some personal care and attention that’s lacking in your current marriage? Well, we are happy to announce that Nurse Jessica is here to help!!! Whether it’s in the convenience of your home while your wife is away, in a vacant patient room where she is employed as a RN (even while shes working), one of the surrounding hotels that she is associated with or even a local department store dressing room, Jessica Alford, RN is here to help you! || Jessica is a state licensed registered nurse at a couple of the surrounding hospitals. It was there she discovered her true calling for helping others. What an amazing person she is to even think, let alone successfully accomplish everything she does in a days work. Jessica is able to provide care to her critically ill patients and private care sessions to married men. But do not worry, she’s only a few steps from them. When Jessica isn’t providing multiple types of care in the hospital, she can be found in one of the many hotels she elects to use- providing one or more of her care services. It’s simply mind blowing how she can manage school, work, multiple clients (which have limited times for sessions given their own personal lives- like jobs, kids, their wives, etc.) and even her own husband. Not to mention keeping up with all of her professional adult social media accounts. || That’s right, Jessica will do whatever, wherever and whoever! Married men are her specialty and unfortunately I learned this the hard way. But the fact that my husband was only one of at least six in the time span of about two months, does kind of give me some kind of strange comfort. After being caught, my husband did admit everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Which was extremely hard for me and I regret some of the questions I asked, but again a strange comfort. And did I mention this nasty whore is married as well? Poor guy, he had no clue what and who he is married too. My favorite part was her lying and denying everything…but you can only lie and deny so much when your skankass video records your”encounters” and those recordings, the records of 13 hotel charges in a span of three weeks (one being with my husband) and ALL of her & husbands IM’s (a messaging app was the only way they communicated, he didn’t even know her number) fall into my hands… not sure how you can even try to deny, but if it makes the whore feel better- so be it.