My husband and I were married in 2012 we had a great marriage and reconnected after being apart for six years . We had been married once before when I was 18 and divorced a few years later. We both realized we loved each other and got remarried and had our family . In 2015 I got sick with cancer I turned to friends at church to talk to and help get through . Jessica was my friend and someone I trusted she was in a wheel Chair her self due to poor choices in a storm .. I would talk her about my struggles of losing my hair , throwing up and distance between my husband and I . During this time it was hard for him to deal with as our lack of sex life far and in between . She then around Christmas said she would reach out to my husband to “help ” him see things and to talk to him .. The whole time she was pretending to be my friend she was telling him how my cancer was such a burden . She would have him over give him blow jobs and even sex on Christmas Eve in my home while she was supposed to be helping him with wrapping my gift . I found all this in messages and my husband confessed . He had promised me he was done and she would continue to message him from all different profiles I got sicker and he got more distant the whole time she just would draw him nearer and nearer knowing he was married and we had a son . Finally after busting them together in a car of her sucking his dick I asked him to leave he left in March and got engaged to her two weeks later ! He married her on June 18 while him and I were married !! She is a trash who pretends to be someone’s friend when they have a weekness and fucks someone’s husband to give them comfort! This is her 2 Marragie she has broken up ! My husband got charged with a fourth deg felony for getting married while married ! She plays the victim and posts photos of how happy she is her kids have a man to call dad with no regard of the little boy he’s left behind ! She’s good at spreading her legs and opening her mouth ! People need to learn not everyone is your friend ! I know he’s a peice of shit I just think she’s a bigger one she was my friend !!! oh and after he fucked her back after xmas it came out she gave him gental worts lucky I got tested and didn’t get it ! Watch out laides who you complain to or think is your friend men are assholes I blame him just as much but she is a slut that pretends to believe in God and destroys family’s !