My Husband and I have been married since 2003, right out of High School..We started having problems and we ended up separating in 2009,some time passed and we reconciled. I moved back home to try and work things out. A couple days later I decided to go visit my husband at his place of work. I didn’t want to tell him I was going over, I had a gut feeling that I should just show up, and I did. I walked in with my kids and mother in law and saw him play wrestling with this waitress. I was furious!! I asked WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON HERE!!?? My husband looked pale in the face and surprised about getting caught. The whore scattered like a roach she is as soon as she heard me. My husband tried his best to calm me down and I left. I told him we had to talk as soon as he got home. When he finally got home I asked him if he messed with her while we were separated, he said no…but i didn’t believe him, so I asked one more time. This time he said yes. He confessed that he had brought her over to our home while we were separated. I got so pissed at him that I just started punching him with alot of anger….The day that he brought this nasty whore over my kids were actually under his care. He brought this nasty whore around my kids and into our bedroom to have sex with her.The story is that my youngest actually walked in on them and she ended up leaving. || I decided to forgive him since we were not together but I was still pissed and it has taken me all this years to try and trust in him again.The fucked up part is, she did everything in her power to get him into bed. She was actually married with this guy that supposedly beat her ass all the time. I finally found the whore on FB, she actually had a baby last year with a guy that she worked with at (removed) while still married to her husband. I found out that he (husband) tried to kill her while she was pregnant. She got fired from where she worked with my husband because she is a damn alcoholic and got caught drinking on the job. She then went to work at (removed)and when I found out I called her and started telling her to come over to my house to”talk”. He said no of course because the bitch knows I’ll beat her ass!! || She now works at (removed) in Lubbock Texas and her baby daddy wants nothing to do with her nasty ass. My husband quit that job. He is devoted to us and we are now better than we have been. I am glad KARMA is here, because if it wasn’t for my kids, that bitch would be dead by now.This bitch fucks anything and everything so beware. Word on the street she is an attention whore and tries to tell lies about her life to get guys to feel bad for her. She is a trashy ass whore!!