Well here is the little piece of homewrecking trash that I’ve debated on posting for months now. I figure once she posted the picture of MY husband and herself on FB, all was fair in love and war. || This”love affair” began apparently two years. I’ve only known for a year. Jessica Duncan-Rogers, who is 29 and has been married three times already latched on my husband of 27 years. Yes, 27 years. We’ve been together since I was 16 and he was 19. I gave him three beautiful daughters, our oldest is 26. So his new love is a scant 3 years older than our child. He is 47 this year… || He met her in Beckley, West Virginia where she was struggling working at whatever low end job she can get since she’s practically retarded. At the time he met her, she was living with David, a retired Army soldier. My loving husband, father of the year, befriended the young couple. Even called them his”best friends in West Virginia”. || Apparently best friends come into your apartment when your boyfriend is gone, screw your”best friends” girlfriend and start an affair under your nose while you’re trying to deal with PTSD. Nice guy huh? || Let’s not forget that Miss Homewrecker completely felt it was okay to bang my husband while my picture was on his nightstand. Classy chick huh? || In May of 2014, he disappeared for 4 days. Our children were worried, our youngest daughter with a high risk pregnancy, called and called him. Finally, when it became apparent I was going to put out a missing persons report he called me. He said and I quote”I’m at my girlfriends house. What the fu*k do you want?” Destroyed, I asked him when this started. He only informed me”I’m fu*king her..thats all you need to know”. || So much for 26 years together. || Today, he is living with HER in OUR house. She’s sleeping in OUR bed, using OUR sheets, putting her clothing in OUR dresser. She’s kept all the furniture we had in OUR house. She has no problem with it. She won’t work because she has to take her two small children (who call him Daddy. He’s the 6th boyfriend who they have called Daddy) to their bio father every two weeks in Beckley. I’m watching my husband be taken to court because he can’t pay his bills, watching her wrack up the Victoria Secret charges on his credit card and he’s standing there like a pussy. || She’s been married 3 times now. He will be the fourth. We used to make fun of people that had been married more than once. How the mighty have fallen. The divorce will be started in Jan and you can bet, I’m going to turn into the evil wife he’s telling everyone I am.