My husband of 10 years whom I have 2 children with we’re having some problems in December of 2013. He started a new job the beginning of January and stayed with friends of his close to his job a few days his first week because of bad weather. He knew this girl and her husband for 14 years. Our house caught fire one night while he was away and we had to move in with my parents until we found a new place. He began treating me like shit and throwing out divorce during fights. The homewrecker and her husband were having problems which he told me about after staying with them. She moved out mid January and moved in with her mother. My husband encouraged me to talk to her and help her through this.They began talking more and more and he would stop to visit her without my knowledge. When I found out he admitted to it and said they were having lunch and talking and he didn’t want to tell me because he thought I would get mad. She helped us move and would spend time at my house while my husband was away working. She even came to help me after my surgery. One day police came to my house and lo and behold she attempted to have me sent to prison, details I can’t discuss, so she could try to weasel her way into my position as his wife. I asked my husband why she would be acting this crazy, he said he didn’t know. || Finally her husband called me and said she had admitted to everything because my husband had broke it off after the police incident and she was angry with him. Her husband gave me the proof I needed and I confronted my husband who admitted to it. She is the worst kind of woman, pretending to be my friend while sleeping with my husband. Oh and she has starred in a few porns. This clearly explains why I had a female infection in February. She is a fake, nasty whore who deserves to be exposed.