I dated this guy for 7 years. He cheated on me once before but I forgave him and took him back. I recently caught him cheating on me with a girl he slept with in high school and who most likely had his baby. He and she are losers. She gave up her family for a guy who lived in the ghetto. She gave her husband full custody and didn’t even show up for court. She’s been fired from like 4 jobs in 6 months, has stolen money from her daughter and bounces her child support checks. At least she writes them because he never did. She looks to be about 66 and is only 42, he has a communicable disease that he doesn’t mind sharing and they deserve each other. Ethel, I’m glad you have to cart his sorry ass to and from work! If he cheated on me he’ll cheat on you and vice versa. You two deserve each other.