I tryied to call them to tell them not to send any more because it made my face swell up. I never could get them on the ph. it was always busy,SoI wroit them a letter telling them what had happened and my Dr.told me never to use it again.Then I they charged my credit card $55.90 twice and I tryed to call again still busy all the time. So I called my credit card Co. Told them what had happened. Well the credit card Co. said that I had to call JEVENE AND THAT Jeven’e had to order the refund. The charge on my credit card came in as HOT PRODUCTS OUTLET.COM . I ONLY RECEIVED THE SAMPLE. And they charged me for 2 auto shipments which I NEVER received. As of right now I’m OUT $111.80 SO PLEASE DON’T YOU GET STUNG ON THIS. DON’T learn the hard way like I did and also alot of other people. nBarbaranOkeechobee, FloridaU.S.A.

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