I bought a flat In Jewel Homes preciseley Jewel Richmond. Quality of the materials used for Construction is very average. The Marketing Manager Mrs. Leena who sold the flat had informed me that maintenance cost has to be paid only after notice. Now after 2 years they have provided a consolidate maintenance charges of 40000 rs and have asked to pay in 2 instalments . Their claim for not collecting maintenance was most of the flats were empty and couldn’t be sold and now they state that 50% flats has been sold and hence they have started collecting maintenance and hence to pay maintenance charges for the past 2 years. Moreover they send a list which shows maintenance as 1500 per month. Care taker has asked to pay 1750 per month. This company is total fraud and has no value for their words. I have lost money my investing in this stupid flat. I request everyone to be very careful before investing in jewel Homes, Kochi.

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