I recently was watching Jewelry Television because I own a Jewelry Business. Suddenly, their Salespeople got very excited and said “We have the best deal during the history of Jewelry Television coming up.”” They then proceeded to describe parcels of Tanzanite and Sapphires. They described these stones as top quality and most of them over a carat each. They said they were clearing their inventory and they were willing to take a loss on the gemstones. nWell I bought 2 parcels and it was definitely too good to be true. The redneck salespeople just flat out lied about their loose gemstones. nI received 2 parcels of stones and there was one Tanzanite that was over a carat. The one that was ove a carat was worthless because it had a horrible inclusions. The rest of the stones were under a carat and inferior quality. nMoral of the story

Don’t believe a bunch of redneck salespeople on Jewelry Television. It is definitely deceptive advertising and they wasted my time because now I am writing this letter about them and out shipping and handling. nI received my money back

but I have to pay for their shipping and my shipping which came to about $15. nThese lying rednecks will tell you anything to push their inferior quality gemstones. There is no telling how many people they ripped off doing the same thing. nBuyer Beware!!!!!!!! nMark nBuyer beware with jewelry televisionnedison

New JerseyU.S.A.”

10001 Kingston Pike. Suite 5 Knoxville, Tennessee U.S.A.