We to have been scammed by Jewish Marketing Solutions. | came into our office in MN. Our rep was also "Kate". This was September of 2015. | "Kate" talked all about how they were looking for people in our line of work and they had clients looking for our services. | They explained that this was a 1 year payment. Never mentioned anything about an auto renewal. our form unfortunately did not have a checkbox for an annual renewal. Now they are calling and demanding that we pay for our services. We have received no services and no referrals that they mentioned. We told them we do not want any service from them and to cancel. They threaten us with collections and I am sure they will be calling every day like others have posted here. Has anyone actually received a call from a collection agency. I feel like they are just using scare tactics to convince us to pay. I would love to join in any lawsuit against this company.

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