Complaint: I purchased a “life time”” warrantied serpentine belt at Jiffy Lube in 2000. After having my vehicle inspected at a Sears store

Tags: Auto Mechanics

Address: I was told the belt was cracked and needed replaced. Of course I replaced it and remembered the warranty on the old belt. I took the old belt back to the location where purchased to ask about any dispensation and was told that I needed to bring have them replace it…I indicated to a defensive Asst Mgr “”Derek”” that I was not in close proximatey to their location and my need for the security of a new belt was my primary concern. I was more interested in their attitude regarding the situation that financial compensation. I found this individual (representing Jiffy Lube) with complete disregard for any kind of reparation

Website: 333 South Decatur Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

Phone: rude and discourteous. Sam Boulder City