Complaint: I took my 1987 Buick Electra Park Ave. in for a standard oil change to Jiffy Lube on February 12, 2001. When I went to pick the car back up, I was shocked to get a bill for $98!!! I was told that the engine needed to be flushed. I just bought the car a few months ago and the engine was completely rebuilt. Everything on it was brand new. Exactly 12 days after getting the car back and 600 miles later, I dropped a lifter in the engine. When I called Jiffy Lube up, I was told they were not libel for any wrong doing. ( If you can, read the disclaimer on the back of your bill.) I spoke to the owner. Still no satisfaction. When I looked at the paperwork, the technician had it listed as a 1988 Buick Skylark, which stated it was a 4 cylinder, where as my car is a 6 cylinder. I filed a claim against them in small claims court for the price of another motor and labor costs, $1500. I lost my case, simply because my mechanic and the gentleman I originally bought the car from, was unable to attend the proceedings. I have filed an appeal. That was in June 2001. I have not heard anything on the appeal, except that my request was received. As I was walking out the door from the courtroom, I asked the owner, “How do you sleep at night knowing that your employees caused all of these problems?”” His answer

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