Complaint: I went in for a simple oil change because I was going on a trip. I am a widow with 5 children. I was with my 3 youngest who are triplets and an hour into the trip my car, which has never given me any problems, overheated. This was only 2 hours after leaving Jiffy Lube. I was stranted out in the middle of nowhere with my kids. Of course, no one would stop to help. But we luckily had a couple of bottles of drinking water and put it in when the car cooled down. I nursed it 20 miles to a gas station and put coolant in it. I decided to check the rest of my fluids. There was no washer fluid, the oil was a quart low, and obviously they had not filled my coolant, let alone check it. Now I have a cracked head and blown head gasket. 1200.00 worth of work, which I can’t afford. I am on a very fixed income. I went back to Jiffy Lube and the manager gave me my money back before I took my car in and found out what was wrong with it. To me that is an admission of guilt. But now they refuse to help. I have spoke to the manager, the supervisor, and his boss as well. I called the corporate office and filed a complaint. I am now waiting to hear from the owners of that entity of Jiffy Lube. So, as a warning, if you go to Jiffy Lube, you better recheck your fluids. Or better yet, don’t go to them at all. Denise Lehi, UtahU.S.A.

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