Jillian Epperly began a Facebook group promoting her "protocol" in April of 2017. This protocol consists of a typical anti-candida diet and daily consumption of a "fermented" cabbage juice drink. This cabbage juice drink is a "bastardized" (Jillian proudly admits) recipe that she had taken from a well-known and respected health website. Jillian changed the recipe from 1 teaspoon of salt : 2 cups water : 2 cups cabbage to 1 TABLESPOON salt : 2 cups water : 2 cups cabbage. Members are instructed to use these new ratios and allow the concoction to "ferment" for 3 days. This juice is touted by Jillian and her moderators to be able to reverse all health conditions, including cancer, ALS, Autism, etc. Some of her claims are even more outrageous: reversal of Downs Syndrome, regrow the of foreskin on circumcised males, regrowth of uteruses in women who had undergone hysterectomies. To achieve these results, Jillian urges members to drink up to 1 gallon of her ferment per day – which calculates out to be at least 4 TABLESPOONS of salt. The goal in consuming large amounts of this juice is to induce what Jillian calls "waterfalls", better known as explosive diarrhea. These "waterfalls", according to Jillian, will expel all of the candida and parasites in a person’s body which she says are causing all of these health problems in the first place. Any negative effects reported back to Jillian by members are labeled as "healing symptoms" – even extreme swelling, seizures, heart attack symptoms, and severe headaches. On top of all of this dangerous advice, Jillian charges $75/hour for a private consultation and she frequently posted in her Facebook group about accepting donations. Because of this obvious scam and cult-like nature of the group, there is a movement to spread awareness and warn people about Jillians protocol on social media, involving many groups. For this reason, Jillain has moved off of Facebook, creating her jillyjuice.com website, so she can carry on with her scam with mire privacy. Her fees seem to be changing, but the last time I saw, her fee is $30 for a membership, nit including private consultations, which I believe are still $75/hour. This scam needs to be STOPPED! Many people & pets (including her own dog,) have been and are being harmed. children, as young as 3 months old, have been or are being fed this dangerous cabbage and salt solution. There are 2 alleged deaths from excessive consumption of this juice. I implore you to investigate this website further! Thank you for your time.