Complaint: Jim Burnop, who also builds under company name South Shore Construction, was contracted to add and extra bathroom and an upstairs Master Suite, Master Bath and Walk-In closet in November of 2010. The agreed upon price for this upgrade was $42,000. Along the way, as is common in the business, a few more items were discovered that made it necessary to raise the contract price for the additions to $45,000. During the construction process, Jim Bunop was asking for draws against the overall price almost every other day. Numerous times I raised concern that he was over-drawing compared to the amount of work that had been performed. I was driving an hour across town every few days to check on his progress ( We had to find another place to live during the construction process because of the mess). Jim Burnop promised us the work would be complete by February 1st, 2010. As the miles began piling up on our vehicles and the price of gas was starting to become a burden, my fiancee and I ask Jim Bunop to please at least make the downstairs livable so we could save money by not paying to payments for living expenses and also to avoid paying $700 in gas bills for our vehicles every month. Jim Burnop understood we were trying to save for our wedding in October of 2010 and that we had to save money and also if was crucial for us to stay within our budget. Things took a turn for the worse. Jim Burnop asked for a larger draw than usual to complete the sheetrock upstairs. I informed him that I didn’t feel comfortable, but do to the circumstances, I would allow the draw so that we could finally at least move into the downstairs of our home. He said he needed that money to hire a sheet rock company to finish the job within a week. To our horror, a few days later when I drove to check on the job, I discovered this 60 year old man attempting to do all the sheet rock work himself. I asked him where the sheet rock people were, and all he could say was “There is not enough money in this job and I need to do all the work myself””. He blatantly lied and now it would be much longer before we would be able to move back into our home as this 60 year old contractor was starting to move very slow and complain suddenly that his back was hurting. Suddenly he turned things around on us. When he was begging for work

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Address: he said he was feeling the best he had felt in years. As the money left in the job shrunk

Website: and “”I don’t know how much longer an old man like me can do this”” were just a few of the excuses. This builder lives in a 4

Phone: the number of excuses from this con-artist seemed to grow. “”I have to eat””