I have been given the run around for days with this company. I called yesterday to get answers with the 3 pay plan and return that I made and several reps just hung up as soon as I said who I was. I have since filed a dispute with my card, the attorney general and the better business bureau have all been informed and complaints offically filed against this company and Jim Hubbing President. I was given information about my reutrn and that it was ok to send it in and from there all the problems started. I was quoted one price (higher) before sending the item back and now it has gone down more. Everyone there is rude and I spoke to no one who could answer my questions. This company and Jim Hubbing have lost a customer who was unaware of anything up until I went to make an order 03/18/15 where I got talked down to and was treat horribly buy the reps. I cancelled the order as I was told there we be no returns accepted. An internet company should expect returns when a consumer buys something that is not checked by anyone except quality control in another country. I was told I had canceled too many orders, had returned too many items, and did not use the provided return label. I only returned one item that was the EMG 57 66 and was given no prior clue that this was a problem or that using my own money to send it would be a problem either. These reps here are why indians are taking phone jobs from americans and I can understand why. These reps straight up are ungrateful and while they may make good money they do not act like it. Just rude and I still have no answer why my credit line was cut off. The emails provied by AMS are crap I never got any answer.

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