Complaint: James H Witherspoon came to me to help him with a contract he was proposing to the Orlando International Airport. He offered to give me a number of employees to make payroll for. After getting awarded the contract by the airport like his resume reads a 13 Million plus contract, he did not have any funds to pay for bonds, payroll, taxes, ect… How does the airport award a 13 K contract to an individual with no credit what so ever ? I asked the same thing, seems Mr. James H. Witherspoon had a close relationship going on with the airports Small Business Liasion Officer, or maybe the airport doesn’t check contractors financial capabilities when handing out 13K contracts. Anyway he came to me for the bond, for the payroll for his employees and more… telling me my money was secured and we would be getting paid back for sure because it was all being run through a third party the airport uses to pay the subcontractors to prime contracts at the airport. This was BS, James took my money he deposited in his bank account and made payments as if he or his company DVI was paying for it. I never saw my 500 plus thousands he took from me. He was terminated by the Orlando International Airport and he was removed from the airport and his security contract he had plus the contract for Baggage Handling he had with me as a sub. The airport accused him of fraud signatures on security paperwork, he was not providing workman comp for his employees also and who knows what else he has done. Channel 9 News covered this story and it can be viewed on there web site. Not much from James side , he would not be interviewed. He owes money to many people some who have won law suites against him, IRS and me. Will he ever pay me, I dont think so, he is now working for Warrior Technology, LLC as a proposal manager. Maybe he will start sending me some payments, if I know he has any money I would sue him , but at this time I would be throwing away good money after a hard to collect dept from him.

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