Complaint: Joe Jimenez aka Udon doing business as Jimenez hardscape & landscaping of Simi Valley, CA. On October 1st 2012. I signed a contract with Joe to install pavers on my driveway. He said I do not have to pay him at the beginning but I need to pay for materials first. Once he got the money, he stop answering the phone. He is very good on e-mail telling me he placed the order for materials and it will be delivered in a couple of days. Once it didn’t happened, he would tell stories like one of his worker got his tool and he couldn’t find him, he hired a new guy to do the job, his worker disappeared, the pavers will be at my place at 12:00 noon, or he is coming now. Sometimes he would set a new date right before holiday, like oh I was planning to come on such and such date but it was a holiday, or halloween. He has been telling stories for a month and I just want to see how far he would go. I asked for money back but he kept promising that he can do the job and that he will be at my place and the job will be done by next week 100%. Nothing ever happened. I am reporting his business to BBB and filing complaint against him. If you come across this man, he will show you pictures of his work, he will describe how good he is, and he love his work. Don’t believe him and STAY AWAY from this man.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 829 Devore Avenue Simi Valley, California United States of America


Phone: (805) 910-6655