James Allen Morley scams women into living with them and gets cars, accounts , really anything under his name just to not pay it and will leave u in debt . He has a mental problem and most likely has switched over personalities. His anger is really bad and will act like he’s trying to be your friend but beware it is all a second face he has . He’s known to sleep with a lot of women & claims he single but he has 6 kids and doesn’t pay any child support . He is in debt with multiple companies and people . He has a record of putting women in the hospital and also a pet endangerment charge . He has done this to many women and runs to different states he’s known in Many states for these things . He will troll dating website to find his next victim and also is involved with Jiu-Jitsu in texas at the moment while having assault charges . He’s a smooth talker and might use smoking as a way to connect !!! Goes by the name Jimi , James , carney .