Complaint: Sadly, myself and others have been victims of Jimmy Crangle’s franchise scam. After reading negative reviews from as far back as 2013, it’s safe to say we have all been conned. This is what he has done to me and God knows how many others. He sells you a franchise and invites you to Thailand. That’s the first part. All very professional till then. After that, he lies and tells you the franchise system is closed, as the business won’t work otherwise. ( He’s still selling them!) You realise you only have 3 online TEFL courses to sell, which nobody actually makes any money from. Jimmy will spout lots of **** about how you just need to tweak things and hang on in there. He can see people are waking up to his scam, so here comes Part 2. He’ll then invent a new part of the franchise after bombarding you with many videos about how to market the products. You’ll believe this but wonder why there’s no proof of it – Jimmy won’t let you see it. That venture won’t take off BUT in order for his company to get off the ground, he’ll ask you to buy shares! When it comes to other people’s money, he’s a like a crack addict. Can’t balance his books, spends your hard earned cash on God knows what, and then asks you for more! If anybody would like to take legal action, please contact me. This poor excuse for a human being needs to be taught a lesson and be stopped from ripping people off. It’s been 7 years now, 1 name change, 3 company name changes and a substantial amount of money being scammed from people. It stops in 2020!

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