Complaint: i have had the unfortunate reallity of working for a jimmy johns franchise owner the store i work for is nice enough however the a**hole that owns it gives no quarter for being sick , vacations , personal reasons . if i become sick i must provide a dr’s note ..not begrudging that however the as**ole and the company makes you either cover a shift for time off and if that shift isn’t covered your fired. i took the job on the advice from a friend givin my finances i took the job givin my last employer is practically bankrupt i had to make the change. make certain that if you work for jimmy johns you have to work and work hard for minimum wage no less you don’t get a raise ever ! they work you like a dog and you get nothing from it nothing . i’m not entitled to anything in life other than the fact i have to work to make a life i have worth living im making good money as a delivery driver for jimmy johns the only thing i take exception to is they treat the employee like sh*t . I work for a n**i so i refere to my owner and his store as n**i johns the corporate expectation is the same. so if you like to be treated like a giant bag of sh*t work for these d*uche bags you’ll regret it .

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Address: 3001 So Broadway St Englewood, Colorado United States of America