In 1995 I purchased disability insurance from JLT Services through our union at work. I recently was taken out of work due to Pregnancy Induced Hypertention approximately 3 months prior to my due date. I purchased the policy many years ago to assist if I was ever unable to work due to an injury or illness. nThe policy stated that I was entitled to a one month benefit for a disability due to a preganancy, unless you incur complications specificaly outlined by the policy. Well, it just so happens that Pregnancy Induced Hypertention is not listed as a complication of pregnancy in the policy. They do list several things that are not covered as a complication of pregnancy, and it is not listed there either. nMy doctor has stated that High blood pressure during pregnancy is very serious and can lead to other complications such as Toxemia, which is listed as a complication of pregnancy. It is obvious that my doctor was being cautious in putting me on bed rest before my condition became more serious and life threatening to me and my unborn child. nAfter, 3 months of waiting for them to decide if they were going to pay or deny the claim, they decided to deny the claim. nI am upset because consumers such as myself purchase these types of policies all the time to have a back up in case of injury or illness that takes you out of work. I have paid on this policy for many years and when I needed it they turned me down. nKimberlynNewark, New YorkU.S.A.

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