Repeated Scam calls


My Complaint: 876 calls appearing as ‘Kingston, JM.’ Uses various common American names, but male voice has strong foreign Indian or Caribbean accent. Claims to represent Publishers Clearinghouse or American Cash Awards, calling to congratulate and inform that you’ve won a large cash prize and a car. Prize amounts and car type may vary–anywhere between 2.5 mil to 18.5 mil, but claims that you must purchase a pre-paid card or use a particular credit card to pay taxes/customs/delivery fees to receive prize. Fee amounts also vary from hundreds to thousands. Will sometimes spoof using a local area code with a hang up call prior to the 876 numbers. I doesn’t matter if you speak, hang up, refuse to answer or refuse the demands. Calls become more frequent, abusive, and even threatening if you don’t comply with the callers demands–as many as over 100 in a single day–and insists that he “will NOT stop.” Reports to law enforcement do not deter these calls–they simply use a different 876 number and name and repeat the same scam. May also be using post office mail and e-mail scams to obtain information from victims.
Do not call the 876 number, (caller will sometimes try to get you to return the call) as it will reverse charges to your phone.


My Demand: Block all 876 calls. Law enforcement action necessary.