In the light of Max Cliffrod’s convictions, one person who has been quietly lurking in her cave is his wife, Jo Westwood. Here are some facts about this gold digger who took his money in time before the trial started: Was MARRIED when she met Max and had an affair with him for TWO years under the title of being his ‘PA’ Left her husband and daughter to be with Max until he bought a new home (the current one) for him, JO and her daughter (who was at a balley school at the time) She HATED louise, his daughter, and would never invite Louise for christmas or family dinners insisting she needed to be on her home even though Louise is disabled and depended on her dad. Irony is that Max did turned his back on Louise for Jo a few times Jo spent Max’s money like crazy and even had him buy a house in the Cotswold in HER name after they married in 2010 and he bought one for her parents She made him fire a few girls from his office SHE didn’t like She would hit him and fight with him until she got what she wanted She was extremely jealous of other girls speaking with him and rude to journalists who wanted to expose their affair while she was married She enjoyed the high life and left Max to see RAYMOND TOOTH when she knew the trial was coming up Jo is a greedy, selfish woman who sticks around when it benefits her. Clearly she thinks of herself as she did while she was having an affair with Max She knew what Max was but came in took his money and left just in time JO AND MAX REACHED A DIVORCE SETTLEMENT BEFORE THE TRIAL STARTED BUT AGREED TO DO THE FINAL STAGE OF THE DIVORCE AFTER THE TRIAL.

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