My husband and I have been married of 21 years now and have 5 kids. They are from 8 to 17 in age. We own a few businesses and this is how she met him. She bought her first car from us in 2015 and has been sleeping with him ever since. I just found out last night that he’s been giving her cars to drive be cause she got thrown in jail for no insurance, no drivers license and possession of marijuana and possession xannax pills. My husband has to go get the car out out of impound and I found out this isn’t the only car she has of our lot. I found multiple nasty pictures and messages between them for over a year now. She meets up with him two or three times a week to sleep with him in exchange for money and pills for sex. In one text message she was threatening to expose him to me if he didn’t give her another car be cause she wrecked the one she bought from him. And he gave it to her, I googled her name only to find this site and this pictures on her. I guess her MO is much older married men with money to give and familys to lose. She is disgustin to be only 23 and to sleep with men in their 40s with children her age and her son age. I plan on confronting her when she gets out of jail but she obviously doesn’t care about me or this kids be cause she is threatening him with us already. I also found her Facebook information on the comments of this section. She changed her name to Cholis Arrellano probably be cause people were contacting her do to your Homewrecker Expose.