The price was 100.00. I called him up and he told me that was an old add and that he now had one that would have been $170.00 but he would sell it to me for $140.00. He said that it worked great. We set an appointment and he finally showed up at my home late at night. It was around 9PM when he came by. I helped him take the washer down into the basement, we hooked it up and he left after paying him $140.00 in cash. That washer had serious problems with it. Too numerous to mention and it wouldn’t wash and clothes either. I called him back up the next day. He said he’d be by the next day to either replace it or fix it. After several attempts to get him to come out he finally did so a few days later. He replaced the washer he sold me with a different one saying again that this was even better than the one he originally installed. He also gave me a verbal guarantee for ninety days. While he was installing the second washer he told me that the teeth on the upper agitator looked bad and that he would come back soon, remove and replace the teeth and then everything should be okay. That day never came. For the last month I’ve received a plethora of excuses as to why had can’t make it out. I’ll go even further than that. He our and out lied to me numerous times through texting and over the phone that he was on the way here but the meeting never materialized. I tried to give the young man every consideration but have come to realize that he is nothing more than a very bad con artist who’s only interested in one thing and that’s getting the money out your pocket into his. He’s a liar and that thief as far as I’m concerned and I regret the day I ever called him. When I told him that the lower agitator worked but not the upper one his remark to me was, “I’m positive that machine is washing clothes properly””. That isn’t the case

though. On each wash I have to stand over the washer and push the clothes down to make sure that they get the water and soap they need to get clean. If any of you get this guy to promise you anything don’t trust a word he says. He’s just a young punk trying to hustle as many people as possible.Jamison Wison is a crook. Jamison Wilson lies. Jamison Wilson doesn’t care about his customers. I’ts been seven weeks since purchasing a washer from him that doesn’t work as advertised. I’ve been told over ten times that he’s one the way to my house to fix the problem but they’re all just lies from this young con-man. All I’ve really gotten out of being his customer



would be more accurate)