Complaint: A woman was arrested recently as a suspect in a burglary that occurred over a year ago. Jodene Tricia Sanchez, 31, Yogo Guam is accused of stealing furniture and appliances worth over $4,000 from the Piti Guam apartment of Gary Clegg sometime in late September 2010. According to Superior Court of Guam documents, the burglary incident was reported to police on Oct. 16, 2010. Clegg informed police that about three weeks earlier, his apartment was burglarized. Among the stolen items were a brown sofa and love seat set, one queen-size bed, a black and white television, a television stand, two desks, a compact disc changer, a digital video changer, and one black Zenith television, for a combined total loss of $4,650.During a follow-up investigation months later, police found out through the apartment landlord that a tenant, Sanchez, gave a brown couch to another tenant. When the landlord called Sanchez about the missing furniture, Sanchez said that she saw a locksmith open the door and Cleggs fianc and another white male took the furniture, court documents stated. The tenant who was given the brown couch was interviewed later and he stated that in latter 2010, he observed Sanchez and her son move items out from Cleggs unit and place those items downstairs. He assisted Sanchez in moving the furniture, and as he did, she told him to get what you want because they were going to throw the items away, state court documents. Sanchez was located in Yigo on Dec. 9 and transported to Tiyan Precinct for further investigation. In her statement, Sanchez denied the incident. She stated she was hired by Clegg to clean his apartment and was given a bed and other goods. However, when informed by police of Sanchezs statement, Clegg said he did not give anything to Sanchez. Sanchez was charged yesterday in Superior Court with burglary and theft of property, both as a second degree felony. Call The Guam Police Department if this woman has stole from you also: 671 472-8911. Above from Guam Marianas Variety Newpaper.

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