Jodi pursued a relationship with my fiancĂ©. He’s a city cop, she’s a county SO secretary.. she spent time in my home, surround by our family pictures..with the man that called me his wife.. the one who would teach his daughter what real love and marriage was. ( daniel shreeve ) the night I caught them together you should have seen him flinch and hide behind her when I called him a cheater and her a slore. She had the nerve to be offended when I told her she was a whore sleeping with another woman’s husband. Her only defense was that we werent actually married and that SHE was the upgrade. Foolish child..he may have ended our relationship by cheating with you.. but he’s never been faithful to you. Or honest. Or loyal. I have seven months of texts, emails, phone calls and even pinterest pictures he sent me alone.. and I’m not the only one he’s cheated on you with! He’s using dating sites and sex sites. She really should ask him about his “important work” LMAO! But hey since she’s not married to him it must be ok? I love karma If you take a look at her website.. billings stands behind the thin blue line you’ll see great pics of my home!