This individuals name is Jody Ray Bennett. | BEWARE OF HIM and please do not work on engage with him, at all. | Alex J here. I operate a night club here, in downtown New Orleans. This individual is a local here. | We had a gig agreement with this individual. The agreement was that he would be present during the event, observe and then write a positive reviews and articles for my nightclub. Unfortunately that never happenned. | Around 1:30 am this individual comes up to me and says “I have found numerous things that are going on that has violated guidelines and procedures. Then this individual then claims that he needs to be paid not $100 which was the deal but $2000 and if not he would go ahead and publish it online. BEWARE OF HIM. | Upon my reaseacrh i have found that he has written numerous bad and negative artciles about several companies and businesses. This is his professional. He tries to get in as a editor claiming he would write positive and great things about the company instead blackmails and tries to extor more funds from them.

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