Complaint: Go through news reports and you’ll see the same thing – Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo is an insider, someone the department would like to keep around, someone who will keep the status quo going, endorsed by outgoing Sheriff Doug Gillespie. He’s been around for a while; been with Las Vegas Metro since 1988. He was appointed assistant sheriff in 2011. And now he’s being hand-picked to succeed the outgoing Sheriff Gillespie. That would be a mistake. That would not be in the best interests of the citizens of Las Vegas. Let’s look at a couple examples of why that is so: Take this Las Vegas Desert Sky Radio deal. After two years of poor performance, dropped calls, dead zones, officers complaining about safety due to the malfunctioning system (oh, and $42 million later), the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department finally dropped the controversial mobile radio system. And then the department signed a $26 million contract with Motorola Solutions to replace it. All while the city was fighting a budget bursting at the seams, tens of millions of dollars over budget and seemingly powerless to control. And who looks like the good guy, coming in to save the system? Why it’s Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo u2013 the same guy who brought in the initial system that was all fouled up. Lombardo oversees the Las Vegas police Radio Systems Bureau. So the guy who helped create the problem gets credit (and a nice little sum) for fixing the system. Only in Las Vegas, right? But that’s not even the half of it. Have you heard about those reports of “Joey the Clown Lombardo”” and the hi-jinx going on out at his house before he got married? Those disturbances that the police department had to roll on a number of times just to settle things down? Oh

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Phone: that’s right … they never were reported – hushed up by the Metro Police Department protecting one of their own. Serve and Protect